Tobacco is one of the most dangerous substances and is risk factor for various diseases. Tobacco is considered as a gateway drug and the most powerful addictive substance. Global evidence suggests that tobacco use is the leading cause of premature mortality. It prevents individuals, families, communities, and nations from achieving their fullest potential and development goals. The use of tobacco begins during the adolescence and experimentation during this period results in lifelong addiction. Hence, the tobacco industry approach is to target the most vulnerable period of adolescence. The tobacco industry is among the most corrupt and venal in its practices. The World Health Organization and many leading public health organizations have warned that the tobacco industries would mislead governments and communities to achieve its profits by advancing their addictive products.

In this regard, Addiction Psychiatry Society of India (APSI), strongly believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle for all by preventing tobacco use and addiction. Addiction Psychiatry Society of India (APSI), recognizes a fundamental conflict of interest between the tobacco industry and public health.

• Addiction Psychiatric Society of India (APSI), does not partner with any entity directly or indirectly related to and /or engaged with the tobacco industry.
• We do not and shall not accept and / or endorse any direct or indirect support from the tobacco industry neither in cash and nor in kind.
• We do not partner, invest in or get invest by organizations with interests in the tobacco industry, or those who further the agenda of tobacco companies.